Vivi One Piece P.O.P

Vivi One Piece P.O.P




The most popular manga and anime “One Piece” with a new figure product by “Megahouse“. The princess of Alabasta, Nefertari Vivi. She joined to the straw hat pirates for a while, but she can’t stay with the straw hat crew forever because she must take care of her country, Alabasta. When she traveled with the straw hat pirates, she and Nami became to a good friend. Maybe, because they are same teen and young. This figure appeared in precision molding and perfectly with detail and coloring. It can become a collection that can satisfy all age targets. This set is more coming with two characters. Don’t miss!

Pre-order : 3,990 yen including tax (3,800 + 5% tax)
Release Date : March 2005

Another one rare figure of “Portrait of Pirates“. This figure has a good details of original lined design of “One Piece“. It’s not hard to find. However, her price is not easy like how to find her. You will often find that the price of each website. She has doubled from the original price for now. It also depends on the discretion of buyer and seller. They are satisfied with it or not? If you said yes, just go and buy it. (don’t think any things too much.) Nevertheless, if you said no, just leave and passing it. (collecting the new product of her is better than agree to purchase it at a price that is very expensive. – -*) Now, it is up to your decision!

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