Review Boa Hancock Neo-DX

Review Boa Hancock Neo-DX
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Time to review the girls from the world of “One Piece“. Every time that I review pretty a character, I would be happy always. ^-^ This figure, likewise. It’s known as one of the legendary figure of ”Portrait of Pirates“. Just because I have seen this figure. I think; this is love at first sight, and I need to buy without having to think anything much. Because of her beauty and sexy equation with the words of the most beautiful woman in the world. She is gorgeous like I’ve said or not? Just follow me now!

Pictures by nuu

Although, Boa Hancock was released in a variety of versions. However, this is a classic, and the best figure that I praised in “P.O.P“. She is beautiful and very sexy in all angles. Although, “Megahouse” will be announced to reproduce in once. Even so, wave of popularity of her is not be decreased in any way. This figure is still the best sellers, until now. Although she may have not a lot of equipment. Nevertheless, just only this, it makes her so fantastic. She was really beautiful beyond any description. If you are a collector of “P.O.P“. Then you miss out this figure. You have a big mistake. *0*

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